Dr. Jonathan Pearlman provides chiropractic care with clinical excellence, in Richardson.  Our team is here to help.


Don't take our word for it, hear what our patients have had to say about the care we provide.


When looking for a Richardson TX Chiropractor, you want an experienced chiropractor who has provided effective results. With Dr. Pearlman, you get that plus a Dallas TX Nutritionist! The proper alignment of your musculoskeletal structure, especially your spine, allows the body to heal without the need for surgery or medication. Having this rare combination means that your overall health and wellness is not only our priority but our specialty as well. Whether you need Plano injury rehab or you need a simple solution for back pain, we, at Paramount Chiropractic & Wellness, have the expertise to give you an effective solution. We apply advanced techniques to help you recover from the pain and get a long-lasting solution.


You’ll know the moment you arrive that this is the place. We are here to exceed your expectations.


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Our Richardson TX office provides patients with positive chiropractic experiences that will protect and maintain their lifestyle.

Paramount Chiropractic & Wellness

Why choose us as your Richardson TX Chiropractor?

  • It can be overwhelming while trying to make the decision about what type of provider is the right fit for you. Certainly, you don't want to waste time or money and you want certainty you will get the maximum positive result.
  • We prioritize a proper diagnosis that actually gets to the root cause of your health issues and pain.
  • There are never surprise or misleading expenses.
  • There is only top-level chiropractic care and input that adds comfort and value to your life and the lives of your loved ones.
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Chiropractic Care For Every Body

We care for people from all walks of like in need of pain management Dallas TX. Our Richardson Chiropractic care leader Dr. Pearlman cares for everyone in your life - including; newborn babies, elite athletes, or grandparents. Your fullest potential for health is our only priority. If you are suffering with pain or discomfort in any region of the body, suffer from low energy, lack of sleep, stress, or have been told you have a “functional disorder”, then let us help. No elaborate care plans. If you are seeking relief and would like to avoid prescriptions, no matter if you need a sciatica chiropractor, a pediatric chiropractor, or you need neuropathy Plano, Texas, we have the expertise and the experience to help you.

In this clinic we care for the whole person, leaving no room for neglect. Our process involves an extensive examination and diagnosis to understand the root cause of your pain and back problems. The treatment and the techniques we choose will depend on the root cause. If indicated our Richardson Chiropractor will utilize additional diagnostic tests. We have a network of trusted providers in all fields of health care when referrals are indicated and a collaborative effort is what it takes to get you results.

We provide hands-on spinal care utilizing the Gonstead System. When the spine is adjusted properly with the specific “hands-on” technique the impact on the body’s systems will restore proper function to the involved organs, muscles, and glands.

Before sciatica chiropractor Richardson TX or pediatric chiropractor services, we prioritize hygiene and your comfort. Hand washing/hygiene and a clean/safe environment has and always will be the priority before we begin with any patient. Our Frisco Health and Wellness services do not include any surprise costs as we work with you every step of the treatment. With our extend health Richardson TX services, we seek to improve the quality and value of your life to make you more productive at work and at home


I decided to stay and practice chiropractic in Richardson Texas because of the community and relationships me and my wife had begun to formulate with all the great people of Richardson. It was suggested to me on many occasions that being an affordable chiropractor that truly cares about the patients’ needs was needed in Richardson. There are fantastic programs, social clubs, small businesses, and other healthcare providers to collaborate with here.


Just crack or pop me and call it a day. That is a common misconception about our profession. Also, that we are just trying to sell extensive unwarranted care plans. BUT that is not the case and certainly not here. Call Today to See How We Can Help You. (972) 685-0422 or request an appointment ONLINE. You can see all our videos and listen to our Podcast as well.

Our new office is located at 2050 N Plano Rd Suite 200A, Richardson, TX 75082!

This is a Comprehensive Healthcare approach that helps people thrive and feel their best.

Dr. Pearlman TV

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Components of the Gonstead System

Case Management

"Our future will be our results" C. Gonstead

This system is one that takes great discipline to master and deliver the desired results for our patients. The TRUE "Gonstead Chiropractor" utilizes all the objective and subjective measures he/she needs to make the proper diagnosis as to where to remove the pressure that is causing interference or dysfunction. Some claim they do "Gonstead" but it takes a certain kind of commitment that most are not willing to make. Check out this teenager's amazing transformation HERE.

* Full credit goes to Dr. Ian of "Chiropractic Excellence" for inspiring me to become involved in the Gonstead System to get the best possible results for my patients.