Disc Injury Relief in Richardson

Are you dealing with a disc injury or slipped disc in Richardson? Discs sit in between your vertebrae. They are rubbery to cushion the vertebrae. When one of the discs tears, ruptures, or slips, you develop disc injury or herniated disc. The events that caused the disc injury are crucial to the intensity of the injury. With the severe pain that can result and the variety of issues causing it, a trained chiropractor is needed to deal with this issue. Although some people only experience mild pain, Plano injury rehab is necessary.

Since you would be immobile without these discs, as these discs provide flexibility and proper nerve function. Left untreated, a herniated disc results in severe pain, numbness of the back and the arms, and weakness on your legs or arms. Our extend health Richardson TX services will help determine the treatment you need. If you need Richardson injury rehab, we will get started right away.

Disc Injury in Richardson

A slipped disc is diagnosed as when the gel like center of a disc seeps out the bottom of a vertebrae. Severe pain and nerve irritation are the two main results of this condition.

Lifting heavy items for a prolonged period can cause herniated disc and lead you to seek Plano injury rehab. A herniated disc is a magnified condition of a slipped disc which results in the gel like center being pushed out farther. This can cause some paralysis of surrounding nerves and more severe pain. The symptoms of disc injury are experienced as pain on the leg or arm. Your calf, thigh, and buttocks are more affected when the injury is on your lower back. Your shoulder and arms feel the pain when the injury is on your neck vertebrae. You might also experience numbness and tingling where the nerves are affected. Lastly, you will feel weak on the muscles near the affected nerve. If you have experienced these symptoms, you might need Richardson injury rehab. Even when you experience the symptoms, our Plano injury rehab & chiropractic services still start with taking a spinal image to see the position of the injury. This helps in setting the right Plano injury rehab treatment plan. Our Plano injury rehab services seek to find the cause of the injury for the best extend health Richardson TX treatment plan.

Plano Injury Rehab & Chiropractic for Disc Injury

Disc extrusions are the most severe disc injuries. This is when the inner area of a disc almost completely leaks out or leaks out completely. This results in an overbearing pain or reduction in range of motion. The pain from extrusion is severe and you need Richardson injury rehab to help manage it. Our extend health Richardson TX services will help you manage the pain and the injury.

Our team at Paramount Chiropractic & Wellness in Richardson is experienced and trained to help fix and recover you from your disc injury. Contact us today with any questions and to schedule an appointment.


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