Chiropractic Testimonials

"As a Nurse sometimes you are just worn out and run down. I also have a rare left-sided upper back scoliosis that contributed to the pain I thought I just had to "deal with". After my co-worker suggested I see Dr. Pearlman I decided to try. As it turns out, I'm ashamed I didn't go it sooner. After a week of care, I was out of daily pain and my energy increased 10-fold. His assessment is detailed and he only adjusts what you need. Also, he and his nutritionist are like diet wizards."

- Jen J.

"About a year ago, I had terrible Sciatica in my left leg and thigh. I have had massages and tried stretching for hours, but still had weekly pain. I am glad I met Dr. Pearlman and gave him a chance. His adjustments were a game changer and I felt much better and looser right after. He also did one session of "intense" muscle work on my thigh and I haven't had the pain since. I still come in 2 times a month for wellness care and I feel the benefits for sure."

- Nathan R.

"Dr. Pearlman started caring for my right-sided neck and shoulder pain when I was on my last leg. Literally on 3 different pain medications including Naproxen and Gabapentin, each day just to carry on. When he said that "Specific neck adjustments" were needed to correct the problem I was skeptical to say the least... Yeah, that changed quickly, because after just 3 visits my pain reduced substantially. By the 6th adjustment, my whole outlook about pain and healthcare changed because of the effectiveness and affordability of this style of care."

- Sherry D.

"Dr. Pearlman really takes his time in analyzing my spine. He's the first Chiropractor that has really made an adjustment that I could feel a difference. He also adjusted my feet and shoulders... I had no idea they could be adjusted. I think if people want the most attention to detail and best adjustments they should come to this clinic."

- Erik I.

“Dr. Pearlman was super helpful with releasing pressure in my ear that I had been dealing with for a couple of days. I had been googling remedies when I came across the idea of seeing a Chiropractor, no clue what caused the pressure. I found Paramount online and they were helpful in getting me in door. I met with Dr. Pearlman and he seemed very informed and took his time in figuring out what the issue could be. After visiting with him I couldn't immediately tell a difference and wondered if I had done the right thing by seeing a chiropractor but later on that afternoon in a matter of 45 minutes could hear again, i was pretty surprised and thankful that i had gone to Paramount. I definitely recommend the place and will go back myself.”

- David T.


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